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Posts tagged "Medical Malpractice"

Wisconsin medical malpractice: Doctor sued over catheter device

The family of a child has filed a lawsuit against a physician. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the doctor did not remove a catheter from the child and left other objects inside of him. The child may now have permanent injuries and the family is seeking an undetermined amount in damages. Even the most experienced physicians in Wisconsin can make medical mistakes that can prove costly in the long run.

Wisconsin nurse forced to pay in medical malpractice suit

A nurse was faced with a lawsuit after an incident that occurred last year. The male nurse was caring for a quadriplegic man when a fatal error was made. A Wisconsin judge has awarded the family millions in a medical malpractice suit.

Dental medical malpractice suit settled out of court

Wisconsin readers may be aware of a recent settlement in a family's malpractice case. The lawsuit was filed after the death of a teenage girl who fell into a coma and died after routine dental surgery. The medical malpractice case was recently settled out of court, and the family may be able to move forward with some sense of closure in the wake of their terrible loss.

Woman suffers medical malpractice nightmare

When a Wisconsin resident checks into a hospital for major surgery, a wide range of worries come into play. We often tell ourselves that medical advancements have led the American healthcare system to great heights, and that our concerns are simply paranoia creeping in as we prepare for a surgical procedure. There are cases, however, in which an act of medical malpractice demonstrates that our worst fears may be more valid than we would like to believe.

Hulk Hogan sues for medical malpractice, once again

Wisconsin wrestling fans may have heard the news of a recent lawsuit filed by industry giant Hulk Hogan. The medical malpractice suit stems from a series of surgeries the star experienced in attempts to lessen the severe back pain brought on by his long-ranging career as a professional wrestler. The high level of publicity surrounding the suit could help others better understand their legal rights when it comes to unnecessary surgical procedures.

Definition of medical malpractice expands to include affair

When a Wisconsin resident seeks medical care, he or she assumes a number of protections. These include the right to expect proper and professional care, and to have issues addressed in a timely and medically appropriate manner. When a medical professional violates that implicit trust, medical malpractice claims can follow. One recent case goes a long way toward expanding the legal understanding of what does, and does not, constitute medical malpractice.

Amputee sues hospital for medical malpractice

Wisconsin readers may have heard about a recently filed lawsuit involving a man whose legs and hands were amputated. The story has made headlines across the nation, and it serves as a sobering reminder that receiving medical care involves a high level of trust in the health care providers who provide treatment, as well as the facilities that employ them. The medical malpractice suit may lead other patients to question the care that they receive, and to pay closer attention to the entire treatment process.

Ex-prisoner sues federal government for medical malpractice

When someone breaks the law and receives a prison sentence as a punishment, they lose many of the rights and privileges that the rest of the country enjoys. However, even inmates have the right to receive medical treatment in a humane and timely manner. Wisconsin residents may have heard of a recently filed medical malpractice suit that claims that one inmate was subjected to a series of delays that led to the eventual amputation of his penis.

Medical malpractice suit filed: baby decapitated during delivery

Wisconsin residents may have heard of a recently filed lawsuit that resulted from the horrific death of an infant during delivery. The case is making headlines across the nation, and the medical malpractice suit filed by the parents contains details that are difficult to face. As the case makes its way through the legal process, both patients and doctors are likely to keep a close watch on developments as the court determines whether doctors and medical institutions contributed to the course of events that ended a new life before it could even really begin.

Medical malpractice: Death of physician does not affect lawsuit

Wisconsin residents who suffer at the hands of a medical professional often go through a range of emotions before they are ready to move forward and take action against the responsible party. Depending on the type of medical error, there may be a period of physical recovery that dominates the concentration of the patient as well as friends and family. Following the immediate aftermath, there may be a period of psychological adjustment, during which the patient may feel guilt, anger, fear or frustration about the situation. However, many people will pass through these stages in time, and may ultimately decide to move forward with a medical malpractice suit against the party or parties they deem responsible for the error.

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