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Pit bull attacks Wisconsin dog walkers; bites cause severe injury

Dog owners are familiar with the wary once-over that dogs give one another when they first meet. A few sniffs, sometimes a bark, even a little lunging is all to be expected. One Wisconsin couple could never have anticipated the confrontation and resulting injury that would result from walking their dog on an otherwise average Saturday evening. The man and his wife were walking their dog in a residential neighborhood when a pit bull suddenly jumped from a second-floor balcony and began to attack their pet.

The man attempted to pull the pit bull off of his dog and was in turn viciously attacked. He sustained more than 30 puncture wounds from the dog bites on his torso, legs, arms and face. The man fought hard in an attempt to get the dog to back down, but the dog refused to let go even when the man’s wife began to beat the animal with a shovel. The dog was finally removed from the victim when a passerby used his or her car to pin the animal down. The incident ended when police shot the dog twice.

When confronted by police, the owner of the dog gave them false information concerning his identity and denied ownership of the dog. He later turned himself in to police. He is currently on probation and now faces a handful of criminal charges in relation to the dog attack.

Doctors say that the dog bites the Wisconsin man sustained will require surgery as a result of the attack. His family is grateful that the injuries were not life-threatening, and continue to support their loved one as he recovers from the incident. It is unclear whether the dog was restrained while on the balcony just prior to the attack or if anyone was in the apartment.

Source: todaystmj4.com, “Pit bull owner arrested after dog attacked Milwaukee man,” June 17, 2012

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