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Wisconsin shopping trip interrupted by dog bite injury

When out shopping with friends, a Wisconsin woman faced an unusual attack. In late July, just after noon, the group of women was out on a shopping trip to a local Macy’s department store. As they walked together across a parking lot, a dog jumped out of a parked car and approached them. The animal became aggressive, and circled the women before biting one of them in the arm, causing an injury.

The victim and at least one of the other women screamed as the dog attacked, which seemed to scare it into running from the group. Another party, not the dog’s owner, was able to catch the dog and return it back inside the car. Police were called to the scene, and the woman who owned the dog eventually came out of the department store and spoke with law enforcement concerning the incident.

The owner told authorities that she had only been inside the store for a few moments. She said the 8-year-old dog’s shots were all up to date, and that her pet was friendly. However, she also admitted that the dog had previously bitten another individual as a puppy.

There is no mention of any charges filed or pending against the dog owner. Nor is there any report of the severity of injury sustained as a result of the dog bite, or if the victim sought medical treatment. Animal bites can be very serious, and sometimes even a seemingly minor bite can lead to a severe infection or even the contraction of rabies. Any Wisconsin resident who sustains an injury as a result of a dog or animal bite should seek medical attention. For victims who are seriously injured, legal recourse may be available to recover resulting damages, such as medical expenses, lost time from work and other financial consequences.

Source: WauwatosaNow.com, “Dog jumps out of car, bites woman in Mayfair parking lot,” Stefanie Scott, Aug. 1, 2012

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