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Wisconsin teen suffers injury after dog attack

An animal attack is not a common event in Wisconsin. A teenage girl has suffered an injury after being attacked by a pit bull as she was in an alley in Milwaukee. A concerned citizen eventually shot the dog which was picked up by Wisconsin animal control. It is not known if the dog was put to sleep after the incident.

According to authorities, the attack took place for an unknown reason when the 17-year-old girl and her friend were in an alley. The girl screamed loud enough for someone to hear. This individual attempted to rescue the two and struck the dog with a shovel, but the dog did not stop attacking. A second onlooker grabbed a firearm and shot the pit bull.

The teenager sustained bite injuries to her legs and arms. She also had injuries on her shoulder. The condition of the teenager’s friend has not been reported. Animal control was contacted and picked up the dog.

As uncommon as dog attacks are, they can still cause injury and are sometimes deadly occurrences In regard to this case, the teenager was able to survive her injuries, but she may experience pain and suffering, along with emotional trauma. If the dog’s owner is located, he or she may have to answer to civil litigation in a Wisconsin courtroom. The teen may be entitled to take legal action against the owners of the dog to recover damages in relation to the incident. Monetary damages may be awarded to the victim, if evidence deems the owners liable or negligent.

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