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Wisconsin boy’s dog bite injury caused by pit bull

Physical pain is not the only consequence that occurs when someone is bitten by a dog. Emotional trauma can add to the pain and suffering that occurs when the bite results in serious injury. The lasting physical, emotional and financial damages can be considerable.

A young Wisconsin boy suffered multiple injuries after he was attacked by a pit bull being looked after by his family. He suffered a large cut on his head and several smaller lacerations on his upper body and left shoulder. His left arm also had a deep cut from the dog’s teeth.

The boy’s mother found him face down with the dog on top of him. Although the dog continued to attack, the woman was able to remove its teeth from around her son’s head before further injury was caused. She then restrained the dog and dialed 911.

The boy was taken to a Wisconsin children’s hospital, where he was listed in stable condition at last report. The dog was taken to the local Humane Society. Officials do not know what prompted the attack, which they say was not provoked.

The damage from a dog bite can include emotional and physical scars that could require extensive treatment before the injury is made right. Wisconsin is known as a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites. As such, the owner of the animal may face civil liability for the damages sustained. Civil litigation cannot go back in time and change what happened, nor can it erase the victim’s memory and heal any scars that remain. However, a successful claim could provide the financial resources needed to help and to heal.

Source: Kenosha News, Kenosha boy mauled by pit bull, No author, Nov. 10, 2013

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