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Wisconsin pit bull attack could result in personal injury claim

It is common for families to have a pet. In fact, millions of households across the country have some sort of household pet. Unfortunately, even the most beloved pet can sometimes behave in a way that is shocking to its owner, leaving an injured party with medical bills. Three people in Wisconsin, who could potentially file a personal injury claim, were allegedly attacked by a pit bull recently.

The alleged attacks happened one Saturday afternoon in late August. Reports indicate that two 7-year-old boys were riding their bikes in their neighborhood when they were attacked by the neighbor’s dog. The dog allegedly ripped off one of the boy’s ears and bit him all over his body. The second boy tried to intervene and was also attacked.

A relative of one of the boys was then able to successfully end the attack but also suffered injuries. A witness has described the serious lacerations the boys suffered in the attack as well as teeth marks on one of the victim’s head. Doctors were apparently able to reattach the boy’s ears, but he may suffer permanent hearing damage as a result. The dog’s owner was later arrested. One of the boys’ family members claims that the dog has been a problem in the neighborhood for a while.

Unfortunately, those injured in this Wisconsin attack may require long-term medical care as they recover from their injuries. Additionally, one of the boys is unable to leave his house and suffers from nightmares as a result of the attack. In a case such as this, a personal injury claim may be appropriate. If the injured parties can prove that negligence led to the attack, they could receive compensation for the medical bills as well as other damages.

Source: Opposing Views, “3 Pit Bulls Attack 5 Children, 1 Adult in 2 Days in Racine, Wisconsin“, Phyllis M. Daugherty, Aug. 27, 2014

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