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Dog attack in Wisconsin results in serious injury

There are many pet owners in Wisconsin who are willing to point out the benefits of owning a pet. While there may be many, the personal safety of others must be protected from a potentially violent animal even if that animal is a beloved pet. Unfortunately, a dog attack has reportedly left one woman in the hospital as a result of the serious injury she suffered. Her dog also required medical attention.

According to police reports, the 53-year-old victim was walking her dog one morning in early April. Police claim that a pit bull escaped from its nearby backyard. It reportedly crossed the street and attacked the woman and her dog.

A person driving by witnessed the attack and was able to intervene. While the woman is expected to survive, she is said to have suffered several serious puncture wounds, resulting in hospitalization. While the pit bull died while being restrained, police suspect that the woman’s injuries would have been much more serious without the assistance of the witness.

The ramifications of a dog attack are serious. In this case, a woman required hospitalization as a result of the injuries she suffered in the attack that appears to have been unprovoked. Because treatment for such an injury is often expensive and could result in lost wages from missed time at work, the woman could choose to file a personal injury claim. Because Wisconsin has laws committed to holding pet owners responsible for injuries caused as a result of an animal attack, a successfully presented case could result in an award of damages to help cover the financial losses stemming from the attack.

Source: fox6now.com, “Woman hospitalized, her dog taken to the vet after they were attacked by a pit bull in Dodge County“, Katie Delong, April 2, 2015

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