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Personal injury lawsuit could follow Wisconsin dog attack

There are many places where parents should feel confident about their children’s safety. For example, parents should be able to confidently allow their children to play in their own yard without fear. Some parents may be questioning this after a recent dog attack in Wisconsin. Because of the injuries the young girl suffered, a personal injury lawsuit is a possibility.

The young girl was reportedly riding her bike in her yard one day in August when the dog allegedly attacked her. The dog is said to have bitten the victim on her stomach and arm. Her father claims that the dog also tried to come into their house. He discussed the difficulty he and his wife had pulling the dog off her.

The owner said the dog escaped from his cage after utility workers were at her house. She tells reporters that she called for the dog to return, but he ignored her. Unfortunately, the is the second time the dog has attacked a small child — a 5-year-old required 21 stitches after an attack last year. The dog owners were cited after that attack, and Wisconsin police say that they will likely be cited again. The owner reported that the dog will be put down after the latest attack.

The effects of a dog attack such as this can often create long term financial and emotional complications for the young girl and her family. In addition to medical bills, it is easy for dog attack victims to become fearful and require counseling. The Wisconsin family has the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against the owners. A successfully presented claims could result in an award of damages that will help them cope with some of the financial burdens created by the unprovoked attack.

Source: wisn.com, “Pit bull attacks Milwaukee girl riding bike“, Christina Palladino, Aug. 27, 2015

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