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Who can you sue if you get hurt on a company’s premises?

It is about that time of the year again for cold Wisconsin weather. Many of us will be treading lightly as we try not to lose our footing in icy or snowy parking lots, sidewalks or entryways. In some cases, slips and falls may be inevitable, but it’s important to know whether someone is liable for your injuries.

In most cases, a property owner must keep their premises, including their parking lots, free of potentially hazardous debris, such as accumulated ice, sleet, slush and snow. Not all establishments have their own parking lots, though. Some have on-the-road parking instead, which the city is also responsible for maintaining. This is because while the municipal government may legitimately own the property and be responsible for maintaining it, city code may require a business to maintain the public area around their premises.

It’s far clearer to sort out liability if an individual gets hurt while entering a store or other business place. The severity of your injuries and where your incident occurs matter in terms of how much in damages you may be able to recover.

Private companies may have specific caps on how much they will pay out to someone who gets hurt. There may be a statute of limitations within which you can file a lawsuit in such a case. You may be subject to specific notification requirements before you can file a lawsuit in your Elkhorn case.

Businesses, government entities and their insurance companies are often intent on denying liability as that strategy is what is most likely to result in them keeping the most money in their pockets instead of in yours. The best thing you can do in your Elkhorn case is to have a personal injury attorney step in and advocate for you. An experienced lawyer will understand Wisconsin law and how to best make it work in your favor.

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